The Divine Energy

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What is the Divine Energy?

Feminine and Masculine
Shiva / Shakti

Masculine and feminine energy exists within each and every one of us, regardless of our sex and gender. Both of these energies are necessary for the balance and longevity of life here on earth, but can easily fall out of balance. Our society is currently in masculine overdrive; aggressive or otherwise harmful expressions of masculine energy within ourselves and our world have become normalized. In many ways, it seems that the masculine and feminine are no longer meeting each other, honoring each other or appreciating one another’s gifts. (Borrowed from BeWildEarth)

We all possess both feminine and masculine energy. These energies are in absolute collaboration. The basis of creation. One cannot exist without the other. And so, we will explore these energies in my special class “The Divine Energy” on Saturday, March 6th – 1pm EDT (New York), 19h France. You can join us via Zoom or if you are in Jersey City, NJ, you can join us in person. There is a limit to 10 students for this class in person and we will observe COVID guidelines.

Dharma / Breath / Asanas / Movie Scores
Kundalini / Vinyasa / Hatha

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