PR Yoga Weekends Oct 2019

Welcome to the official page to learn all about my very special weekend yoga retreat in my homeland of Puerto Rico. During the 3 full days of the retreat, we will meditate, move through yoga, swim, set intentions, explore and rejuvenate! What makes this retreat so special is that it is a combination of connecting with ourselves through the practice of yoga and meditation as well as a carefully curated holiday to show you the less traveled parts of the south west area in Puerto Rico. I invite you to take a peak at our itinerary and join us for this special retreat. Only up to 6 students will be part of the group so hurry and make your reservation today!


Please email to reserve your spot!

WEEKEND 1 – October 18 – 21, 2019 – 1 SPOT OPENED

WEEKEND 2 – October 25 – 28, 2019 – 2 SPOTS LEFT

Itinerary *Times don’t have be to strict. More like a guideline.

October 2019 Yoga Retreat Itinerary


What to bring?

Bring yoga clothes, swim clothes, hydroflask or regular water bottle! Also, an open mind and willingness to connect with nature! 😉

Is transportation included?

Yes and no. I am picking up any student arriving on October 18th from Ponce Mercedita Airport (PSE). From there, we will have a vehicle the entire duration of the retreat. Any student arriving in San Juan International Airport or Aguadilla Airport must find their own transportation to the house in Guánica, Puerto Rico.

Which flights are best?

For direct flights to Ponce, Puerto Rico, I recommend Jet Blue. Flights range between $250 – $350 round trip. Duration of flight from New York City is around 3.5 hours. Jet Blue flights to Ponce are almost always red-eye flights. If you’re coming from another state (with the exception of Florida, follow same rules as NYC), I recommend flying into San Juan International (SJU) if getting your own vehicle is not an issue.


Everyone will have their own bed. There are six (6) Twin Sized beds for students. One bedroom has the bunk beds the other room has the other twin sized beds. This is a rooming kind of situation but I’m sure we can all find space and privacy. The house is a 5 minute walking distance from the beach. It is a “no fluff/luxury” home. Just a simple beach house with a true feel of the Caribbean Life! Get the experience of being on the island like a true Puerto Rican. 🙂 There is an outside bar area, some hammocks, patio and seating area.


Our menu will consist of traditional Puerto Rican Cuisine that are vegetarian and not a lot of greasy foods. It will be a combination of Puerto Rican Cuisine along with more American Food such as rice, quinoa, beans, local veggies (yucca, plantains, avocado, etc) as well as clean fixings like lettuce, tomatoes, mangoes (if in season), pineapples and seafood. Let me know if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions. You do have the option to purchase meat if you desire but be mindful of  vegetarians and vegans in the group. If it happens that everyone in the group does eat meat and unanimously desire meat, we can arrange that in our meal plans.

UPDATED: The following images are from the 2019 PR Yoga Retreat


Yoga Mats and Blocks?

All included within the price and at the end of the trip, you can take them home with you! They will be brand new items.


We will be visiting several beaches in the area. All have their different charm and vibes. Playa Santa, Manglillo and Playuela.

Rivers? Waterfalls?

La Soplaera Waterfall is very easy to get to. There is a parking space on the side of the road and then we do a small hike which is at a relatively easy level. The hike is through some river rocks so good hiking boots OR barefoot is best. Some areas has a handrail to help you cross more challenging areas. Prepare to test your balance on your way to this magical oasis! NOTE: October is still monsoon season so this will highly depend on the rain in the mountains. Many times in Puerto Rico, it will rain in the mountains in the afternoon but not on the shore.

Bio-luminescent Bay?

The bio bay in La Parguera is one of three we have in Puerto Rico. Tiny micro-organisms light up like stars in the water when agitated. It is an experience you must try and is included with your retreat package. We will be going with Johnny’s Boat and he will take us out into the bay. Sometimes he allows people to swim in the bay with the caution if it is jellyfish season. Otherwise, it’s a wonderful boat ride out to the bay at night, his skipper jumps into the water and swims around the boat and you can see the water glow. You can also put your hands into the water and have a bit of fun as well. One of our jewels from the Isle of Enchantment.

Hurricane Season Policy

October is still part of “Hurricane Season” and as such I wanted to insure you that if a hurricane happens to hit Puerto Rico and we are unable to host the retreat, your fee of $500 would be refunded to you within 30 days from the time retreat is cancelled. This would be determined only if a hurricane hits Puerto Rico and depending on the severity would it be cancelled. Most times a hurricane may pass the island leaving little to no damage. Also, if a hurricane is on the path to Puerto Rico during the days of the retreat, for security purposes, the retreat would be cancelled and you would receive an email with all the information. The deposit of $200 is non refundable.

How do I sign up?

Please email me first about your interest at Subject: PR Weekend Yoga Retreat 2019 with your name, contact info, emergency contact info and any medical history I need to know about you such as allergies. From there I will send you an invoice for the deposit via Paypal. The deposit is a non-refundable $200. The complete package is $700. Does not include airfare.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL March 8th, 2019 – April 8th, 2019 $650