Headstands Workshop

Headstands Workshop

In this first ever workshop that I am hosting, we will be exploring how to correctly come into a headstand. We will meditate and move through some Surya Namaskar’s (Sun Salutations) before focusing on our main pose which is the headstand.

Since this workshop is being taught online, I will recommend that you have a yoga practice already in place and feel confident to follow instructions and feel safe in your home. I will be able to see you (if you chose to have your camera on) and can give you cues according to what I see in your body but be mindful. If you don’t feel safe or don’t have already a daily yoga practice, this workshop is not for you.

Some benefits of headstands are:

– calm the mind
– alleviate stress and depression
– activate the pituitary and pineal glands
– stimulate the lymphatic system
– strengthen the upper body, spine, and core
– enhance lung capacity
– stimulate and strengthen abdominal organs
– prevent headache

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